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If I was penetrated by a penis in a boxers not bare penis, and it was just 1 stroke, am I still a virgin?
(edited 3 weeks ago)
being in boxers means there wasnt actual contact and also id assume it means there wasn't much penetration, so i don't think thats enough to count as intercourse. there isn't any proper boundary between what's sex and what isn't sex in terms of like virginity and stuff, but imo it wasn't enough to count.
if you're stressing about it though, try not to worry!! as long as you're comfortable with the fact that you've partially experienced sex, who it was with, and how it happened, then even if it does 'technically' count as losing your virginity, it's nothing to worry about. try to remember that sex is normal, and that not being a virgin isn't any different to being a virgin. :smile:)

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