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Econ&politics degree / global development degree

I would really appreciate some insight
I have received predicted grades AAB, am due to start writing my personal statement, and have 998888877 as my GCSE results
I currently do maths, economics and geography at A Level - my B is in maths btw and I'm really gutted I didnt get the 3 As I needed

I am keen on applying to Birmingham and Nottingham for Econ and Politics as my aspirational choices of AAA
I am defo also applying to Bath for international development with Econ, which is AAB, and they said that bc the course is niche, they know our personal statement may revolve around other degrees instead

Manchester offers Econ and politics (AAA) as well as global development (AAB)
But I worry about the graduate prospects of doing Global Development - if anyone could comment on this I would be grateful
I like how global development covers the 3 aspects of politics, geography and economics
This would mean I'm applying for 3 different courses though

But I'm so stressed about my personal statement; when I mentioned I was torn between Econ&Geo vs Econ&Politics a few months ago, I was of course told to steer towards one side as ultimately these courses are different things

But what I basically am trying to figure out is, is too broad and not closely related enough to make my personal Statement relevant to both Econ&Pol as well as Global development? Does global development automatically correlate more to Econ&Geo?

Would really appreciate some advice - also on whether my aspirational choices are worthwhile in the first place

The UCAS tool they added for this year is helpful but more for what grades are accepted on results day, not what grades are applied with

Thank you:smile:

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