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Econ&politics / global development degree personal statement?

I would really appreciate some advice
I've just received my predicted grades of AAB, gutted I did not get the 3 As I needed - my B is in maths btw
I do maths, Economics and geography at A-Level and my GCSES are 998888877 and I aim to write an amazing personal statement

I am keen on applying for economics and politics (AAA) at both Birmingham and Nottingham as my aspirational choices

I am defo applying for International development with economics at Bath (AAB) - as this course is niche, they have said they completely understand and often most personal statements will be tailored towards other more common but similarly-related courses instead

For Manchester, I am interested in both economics and politics (AAA) or global development (AAB)
QMUL and York also offer global development at AAB
I understand this degree covers all 3 aspects I'm interested in; politics, economics and geography

We've just had to start writing personal statements and I was warned a few months ago that I ought to pick between Econ&politics and Econ&geography as they steer towards two different directions

But I am reluctant about graduate prospects and employability of Global Development, and whether I could enter well paying jobs, and is it respected if generally entry requirements for it are AAB? Any insight here would be greatly appreicated
Idk for sure what I wanna do when I'm older, but I would not mind working in government or for policy etc.

What I'm basically asking is, is it too broad and not closely related enough to write a personal statement for both a GlobalDevelopment degree and Econ&Politics degree?? Could I write a personal statement that covers both degrees?
Im just unsure as to whether global development automatically lean more towards the geography side?

Would really appreciate some advice
Any texts/books to read too for my relevant interests would be appreciated

Thank you:smile:

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