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LSE Course Change Success? (History to Philosophy)

I have an offer for BA History at LSE starting in September, and I am having serious doubts about my course. I’m really thinking I should have applied for Philosophy, specifically BSc Politics and Philosophy. I have firmed my offer, I did this quite a while ago, and I am aware that if I were to apply to change my course I should do that in the Autumn Term as soon as possible. Essentially, I’m asking if anyone thinks I would be successful in doing this or not.

I’m aware LSE advises to only apply to courses you want to do, and to not apply to a course with the intention of switching because A) you probably won’t succeed and B) they don’t want people exploiting the application process, but I am honestly not trying to exploit anything. I do enjoy history, but I particularly enjoy the philosophical and political elements of it, and I think it would be remiss of me to not attempt to read philosophy. I have also read on here that it seems easier to switch between courses in the same department than to switch between departments, but I can't seem to find if this is impossible or not. If this is the case then maybe switching to BSc History and Politics could be an idea, as its in the International History department and is sort of the best of both worlds.

Given all of this, would you recommend I attempt to switch in the Autumn Term? Is there any chance I would be successful? My predicted grades meet the entry requirements and I am fairly confident I will reach them come results day, I engage in plenty of extra and supercurricular philosophy activities (I.e. reading Locke, Marx, Spinoza, Dawkins, Deleuze and Foucault, watching hours of philosophy lectures on YouTube and so on) and I think I would be a suitable candidate for the course. Would the attempt be worth it, or would I just be wasting everyone’s time? Thank you.

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