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Don’t know how easy it would be to transfer NI social work qualification to Republi…

So I’m currently hoping to study Social Work and start it in the academic year 2025/26.
I’m from the Republic of Ireland but my options are limited - I can only study it in Dublin and rent is VERY expensive in Dublin, I also don’t have a lot of money and I can’t get any student finance because I’d be repeating a first year at university.
I feel like I’d much rather go and study in Northern Ireland because I think that the university campuses are a lot nicer than Trinity based on my time visiting them but the only issue is i don’t know how easy it would be to transfer my qualification from Northern Ireland to the Republic if I want to work in Republic in the future. I also know in Northern Ireland you make less money than you do in the Republic :/
I’m just kind of stressed out about it all I really would like to study in Dublin but the rent is just so expensive and I find the campuses aren’t as nice as Magee and Queen’s but there are more stuff going on in Dublin than there is in Belfast and Derry.
Does anyone know how easy it is to transfer a Northern Irish social work qualification to the Republic of Ireland and get it recognised by CORU?

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