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not speaking to my parents over autism

Recently, whilst in a general appointment at the doctors, my GP asked if i had ever been tested for ASD (Austism Spectrum Disorder), and she then sent me all the forms to fill out.

For backstory, if I am on the spectrum it's not the severe but I have quite dysfunctional social skills and I find it difficult to talk to people. I struggle making eye contact with people other than MY people, and I can easily become overwhelmed and what I recently found out is overstimulation (when you have difficulty processing sensory information from the environment).

In these tests, there is one where someone who has known for since you were 10 or younger has to fill out. As I don't have siblings my parents filled it out, and in some of the questions I disagreed with their reasoning and my mother became explosively mad at me. I wish I could tell you there's information I'm not telling you but I simply said 'I don't think that ones right' and she exploded.
She told me she was disgusted by the fact they have to do all this again (they've had to do one or two mental health surveys for me in the past), and blamed herself.
She kept on asking me if she was a bad mother and yadayadayada.

After this I stormed out and spent the next week at my boyfriend's house because I was so angry with everything she said.

Like I know she overreacted but I don't even know what this post is about? Like do other peoples parents react like this when doing surveys or is there something I'm missing?

She's not talking to me anymore and because of how angry I am, I don't really care.
I wish I did but she acts so immaturely I can't sympathise with her.

I just wanted this diagnosis to give myself some piece of mind to figure out how I act and how I can support myself.

So yeah.
Obviously it depends on the situation and I'm not saying it is the same for you but I know for me and others when parents/carers have to fill out the forms they realise all the struggles that you've had and they either didn't notice or didn't get a diagnosis at that time and can feel like they have failed you.
I don't know if this is how they are feeling but a possibility

Have you been able to talk to her yet

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