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ED and no libido at 17

ED and no libido at 17

ED and no libido at 17

This is has been affecting me for like years like maybe since I was 14. Like I would be horny normally, get morning wood etc and then randomly for a whole month I would have 0 sex drive and no erections or morning wood and then it would come back to normal. Then the libido would come back and then after a few months it went away for a whole month and the cycle would repeat. But recently like 16-17 (almost 18) this same cycle would continue but when my libido would come back my sex drive has been really low and my erections have been very weak and I don’t get any morning wood. Like I genuinely think the last time I had a morning wood (not pee boner) was when I was 15 or early 16. Like why is this happening im so young. This is really affecting me physiologically.

I’m fairly healthy, not obese or very overweight, just slightly chubby.
I do have some anxiety, my diet is not the best and my sleep is not the best. But still at my young age I should still have some libido even if I have these habits. Like I’m going a whole month without an erection and zero sex drive. How is this happening when they have dudes who are fat and 50 who smoke like a whole pack of cigarettes a day, still able to get their wife pregnant and I’m 17 and I’m going months without any libido and erectiosn.

And no I’m not addicted to masturnation or porn. I would do it here and there when I would feel horny, like maybe twice a week when I felt like it. I wouldn’t do anything crazy like 5 times a day or anything.

I don’t think I have any problems with testosterone as I’m growing a beard fairly well

Anyone have any advice on how to fix and deal with this?
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Worrying about looks, overweight, underweight, and what other people do or don't do doesn't help here. Go and get some professional medical advice. If you harm the amazing chemical and physical balance systems of your body by deliberately pushing them to extremes be that low weight, over weight, drugs, alcohol, exercise etc there will be a backlash. Your body won't thank you for it if you harm it and if you abuse it enough it will rebound on your physical health, potentially for the long term (Mountaineering and frostbite come to mind)
sounds like maybe low T?

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