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University of Exeter or Newcastle university, which one is best for Investment bank

In pursuit of achieving my dream of becoming of successful Investment Banker, hereby I stand applying for masters degree. So, as of now I have applied for Masters Degree in Finance from Newcastle University and Masters Degree in Finance and Investment from University of Exeter, and matter of fact I hold offers from both. Therefore, I need a valuable advice and help in making a righteous decision.

To give a sound background about me, I am taking banking loan for financial assistance and Newcastle has offered me a scholarship of 4000 pounds and Exeter with 3000 pounds. Also, Newcastle fees being lesser in comparison with Exeter, so it suits better from monetary perspective. Can anyone help me with other angles in finalizing University.
I would suggest there isn't a wrong answer there. It's worthwhile considering what *else* you can do on top of this to help the investment bank teams differentiate between your CV and those of others. What work experience can you point to, for example?

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