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Do I stay with my bf? NEED ADVICE

I, 19m, have known my now boyfriend, 20m, for almost a year now. When we first met I had recently been dumped and so was trying to get myself back out there but now, upon reflection, I wasn't over my breakup at the time and so never got my mindset fully into the relationship. He ended up going to university in September and I was assuming we were taking a break for that period and would end things after, but when he came back we met up again, and before I knew it we were apparently bfs even though neither one of us straight up asked each other to be that.

Furthermore, I have noticed that I am very jealous of the fact that he has had lots of experiences with other people while I have not and, because I never really got fully into the relationship and the fact we are long distance with him now being at uni while I'm working, I'm constantly wondering if I'm making the best choice for myself to stay in the relationship.
What makes it even harder is that we have said we love each other but I do feel an obligation to say it back to him.

I do like him but I'm 100% not feeling it as much as he is and I don't want to keep putting him in this position.

When I go to uni I'm not sure if I should end things so that I have the chance to hopefully gain some confidence in relationships, but I don't want to just be ending it to mess around.

Please give any advice and ask if you want any more info.
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The writing is on the wall. I would try to end it in as civilised and kind a way as you can

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