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Hot take on RCA reducing their courses into a year course

I've seen people on various online forums criticizing RCA's decision to offer a single-year course. While some believe this change is to earn more profits, it seems the school is taking a different direction for the future, with more intentions behind the curtain. I've been thinking that it's not really that terrible, and there is a bright side to it.

1. You are not wasting any time (or money!).
I honestly believe you can achieve a lot within a year. While two years might allow for even more accomplishments, the downside is that the longer duration might make you lose touch with the industry by the time you graduate. In my personal experience in the corporate world, having a Master's degree didn't significantly benefit job applicants. Plus, you save money! However, this may differ for those in Fine Arts. My perspective applies to all other art sectors besides Fine Arts.

2. RCA offers strong connections.
They did shorten the course by a year, but it seems they have recently focused more on student's interdisciplinary ability. RCA has always had an excellent alumni network. But recently school outwardly supports students in building connections and fostering collaborations across different departments at RCA and even outside. I don't think you should approach RCA's direction as traditional academia anymore. Instead, their new direction seems very entrepreneurial. Personally, I think it is a smart and brave move as a school with such a long history.

3. You learn to be independent and proactive.
It became more important to be clear about what you want to achieve during your time at RCA and in your career afterward. Instead of expecting the school to provide everything while remaining passive, taking initiative will yield more benefits. This independence is an important skill for navigating the world as a creative. Making your own way is tough, but the school might be the perfect practice field for this.

Overall, RCA's goals seem to have shifted, perhaps due to economic pressures or whatever. Expectations from RCA should be shifted with these changes, and we shall not expect the same things as decades ago. It's a different world that we are living in as well.
I'm confused, have you recently attended one of the RCA's one year Master's? This gives AI vibes.

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