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Drop EPQ?

I'm currently taking 3 A Levels (Math's, Business, and Physics) + an EPQ, and I am hoping to apply for a degree in Business Management or Finance in the UK. However, I'm not particularly good at English or writing essays, and I feel it would take up a lot of my time that would be better spent revising. My grades used to be all A's, but recently they've been dropping, and I've been finding it difficult, so I'd like to know if dropping EPQ would make my chances of getting into a good uni worse, since I only do three A Levels. I do however do things or am planning to do things other than my A levels.

Here are some of the things I either have done or am planning to do:

Internship - not in a big company just at my dad's place, doing accounting tasks
EdX Courses - Excel Fundamentals, Financial Accounting and Analysis
Tutoring Other Kids in my community or school
Volunteering & Charity Work - Thailand - Helped build a school for kids, aided a charity in organizing supplies and food for the less fortunate, planning to do more

Jiu Jitsu and Boxing + entering in a national competition for BJJ

YouTube Channel - Teaching Business AL Lessons
Newsletter and Blog - Covering global business and market news
Conventions + Interviewing People - Finance and Startup conventions

Listening to podcasts and reading books related to degree outside of school.


Follow up messaging Universities

Business Society
Business / Math's Olympiad

Other societies unrelated - Student Council, STEM SOCIETY

Own Startup - 5% of profits go towards charity - Drop shipping
Freelancing - Designed logos and social media ads for businesses
Investing in the Stock Market

Try to get a job in the finance industry in my gap year - not for fun - need to do a surgery for medical reasons and recovery takes months.
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As someone that has done an EPQ, I do think it is quite pointless and for me, it was pretty much a waste of time. You seem to have a lot of things that you want to do that would aid your personal statement so I doubt there is much that your EPQ would add apart from helping you with your essay skills if you wanted to write a dissertation. I know people doing physics and maths A level and it definitely sounds difficult so I think that time on EPQ would probably be better off revising for your actual exams than something that's only half an A level. :smile:

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