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Social housing under 21 years old

So, I have been told due to my circumstances (having ASD, ADHD) amongst other things, I am eligible to go on the housing register with my local council. In my locality, applications are open as long as you are 16 years of age (although on the bidding system, applicants must be at least 18) and being allocated a property at 16/17 is quite rare, and usually for a reason, involving a guarantor.
I also have some savings I can use for furnishing/flooring a property. I also may qualify for dole to pay for the house, I also get PIP currently.
Even if I become a student at uni, I will still be able to get on the housing list due to possessing a disability, that compromises me from working.
But the real question is, should I put my application in? I have been told whilst need is not so bad here, and there is chance of me getting a flat in about 6 months time, should I? I don't want to rush into a decision I regret.
Advice much appreciated ta.

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