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Making money after sixth form

I finished sixth form and I'm currently looking for a job, however it's hard as my friends want to hang out and go to expensive places and do lots of stuff but I need quite a bit of money for that. My parents have stopped giving me money as they are going through a rough patch whilst also deciding that I'm older enough to make my own. Which is fair enough but I need a job for that and I'm struggling to get one and I don't want to admit to my friends that I don't have enough money so it usually means I make excuses and cancel plans or I order the cheapest item off the menu etc etc. It's quite unfair as I have to pay for my driving lessons which costs £80 for 2 hours, where as my friends get their driving paid for by their parents and some of them don't work so they still get money from their parents. This is sort of a rant but I need advice, what jobs should I apply for? Should I start a small business? What am I not doing right?! I'm worried this will affect my friendship and my mental health. My parents don't understand, but in someways they do have a point.
hi! if you’re looking to apply for a job, i would recommend looking on linkedin rather than indeed, or by going on company websites and finding their careers section (if they are big enough to have one). i applied for a part time 8 hour job at fatface and its great in terms of pay. regarding a small business, i am currently running a graphic clothing shopify store using printify, where they print your designs, store and ship the products to the customers, so i dont hold stock or make the items myself, i would say this is a good way to make some money as all you need is simple designs ( think pinterest, procreate, canva etc ), and to set up a website which you can do for free via etsy, or by paying £5 a month for shopify. from there, you just need to advertise it on socials then you’re good to go.

hope this helps as a fellow college leaver x

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