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Help! I have no proof my parents are seperated

My dad is not in the picture, but my parents are not divorced, so my mother still has his name. I don't know what evidence to give student finance.
Hi llman,

If they are separated, we can accept one of the following;

Decree Nisi or a Conditional Order

Solicitors letter on headed paper that confirms current marital status

A Signed Affidavit- a sworn declaration made in writing describing facts that they wish to state as true. Typically made under oath and signed then stamped by a Solicitor

Statutory declaration - Normally drafted by a Solicitor who is usually a Notary Public or drafted by a Legal Executive authorised to administer Oaths. Alternatively, the declaration can be made before a Magistrate (also known as a Justice of the Peace) or some Magistrates Clerks at a Magistrates Court

Council tax bill with a single person occupancy discount.

This evidence can be uploaded directly to your account for review.

Thanks, Clare

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