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economics alevel graphs needed

Just wondering if anyone could give me a list of the graphs that they have used or are using for economics alevel. I'm in y12 and also do AQA for reference but I don't believe that matters much, thanks.

Demand and Supply: You should understand the meaning of 'price elasticity' and how it links to Both curves. The demand-supply diagram is also used for foreign exchange markets with the exchange rate on the vertical axis and the labour supply diagram (when markets are perfectly competitive).

You should also be able to show the impact of externalities with cost-benefit curves (private vs social) and the inter-relatedness of markets (joint supply, derived demand etc.). You should also be able to show the effect of taxes and subsidies, showing the overall change in welfare and deadweight loss on the diagram.

Individual Firm Supply: You should know the diagrams for perfect competition and Monopoly (The one with AC, MC, AR, MR). You should also be able to link the individual supply diagram to the market demand-supply diagram for perfect competition.

Firm short/long-run cost curves: The LRAC and SRAC curves to display the costs faced by firms and how they change when we assume capital is fixed (short-run). You should also be able to show the economies/diseconomies of scale and how it differs for perfect competition vs less competitive market structures.

Labour market diagram: The diagram for perfect competition is the same as the standard demand-supply diagram. You should also be able to discuss and interpret the monopsony diagram. What are the effects of minimum wages in both cases?

AD-AS diagram: For macroeconomics, this is your bread and butter. You should be confident with all of the determinants for AD and AS as well as long run supply. You should also be aware of the difference between the Keynesian and neoclassical views on the long run. The diagram differs under the Keynesian view.

PPF (production possibility frontier): This is just a different way to show the long-run potential of the economy. You should be able to link it with the long-run supply curve (when the PPF is being used to show total production of an economy). The PPF can also be used with two different goods (i.e. you are free to choose what is on the axis), and to show comparative/absolute advantages in macroeconomics.

The above diagrams are the essential toolkit that you will need when you enter the exam. There are also some other diagrams that are covered which could be useful. You should at least be aware of these.

Phillips Curve (inflation and unemployment)

Lorenz Curve (Inequality. The Gini Coefficient)

Laffer Curve (Optimal rate of taxation)

That should be all. Of course, there are other diagrams that may be useful, but I think that you can achieve highly if you know all of these well. For reference, I also did AQA economics and I sat my exams in 2022. I don't think that the syllabus has changed from then.

Hope that helps!

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