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looking for handsome men on dating apps

so basically title also i currently use Wizz app which doesn't have men my type (Asian and African ) any other dating apps you would recommend
Personally I would totally snd completely steer clear of dating apps, I mean sure, everyone is looking for love but I would have to ask have you been for any nights out with friends ?.

My apologies for the question but the thing is your best chances of finding the right person is more likely to be when you have a night out. A piece of advice I have just posted on another thread is not to rush into a relationship with the 1st person you meet because as much as the chances are that everything will be just what you are looking for, there is always the chance of incompatibility and / or total clash of personalities but with dating apps, I seriously advise caution, maybe that's because I never ever used a dating app, my brother introduced me to my other half and we've been together now for 21 years ( 22 in October this year ), please believe me when I say that the right person is out there.

I have always been weary about the idea of dating apps because yes there are profiles on there and the sraff who operate then "Claim" that all profiles are genuine but how honest is it when that is stated but with minimal proof of success.

Please be very careful.

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