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Can I do A level Physics ?

Would it be ok to do do A level Physics without A level Maths?
Or will it be difficult?
Context: im predicting I will get a 9 in physics and a 7 in maths
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I finished A Level Physics on Monday, and yes it would be okay, it's not recommended but if you find yourself naturally good at Physics it won't be a problem. Logarithms are really the only new maths that are introduced from GCSE, and if you can confidently follow a complicated formula, I'm sure you'll be fine.
A-level Physics uses a lot of maths, but it’s mostly multiplication/division etc, ie mostly GCSE skills. You don’t need A-level Maths to do the course, but you do need to be very comfortable with GCSE-level maths skills (I’d say you should be able to get at least an 8 at least on past papers you do at home). The reason people who don’t take A-level Maths tend to do badly in A-level Physics is because the reason they don’t choose Maths is because they’re not good at it, not because they weren’t taught A-level Maths. Tl;dr: As long as you’re confident in GCSE Maths and do some extra maths practice during sixth form you’ll be fine

However, many uni courses for Physics or Engineering require you to have studied Maths at A-level to be accepted (with some Engineering courses even not accepting anyone who hasn’t done Further Maths), so keep that in mind if you’re planning to study those subjects at uni.
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I do both and basically everyone in my physics class (but 1 person) takes both as well.
And even then people find a-level physics tricky, so I'd say yes, take a-level maths if you can.
A-level maths is also required for a lot of maths and physics based courses so take into consideration what you're applying for as well.
If you really don't want to or don't meet your school's requirements for it, then I'd say try practising and keeping your maths skills up very thoroughly and you'll be absolutely fine. Some schools offer AS-maths or supplementary maths for physics classes for whoever wants more support, so maybe join those alternatives if you are offered it?
Well done on completing your GCSE's! Remember a lot changes on result's day and it's all out of your control now, so try and enjoy your Summer properly because you'll need the rest going into Sixth form!!
Original post by Jasmine6789
Would it be ok to do do A level Physics without A level Maths?
Or will it be difficult?
Context: im predicting I will get a 9 in physics and a 7 in maths

I've just done alevel maths and physics and i would say doing alevel maths alongside physics isn't essential. If you really don't want to do it and you won't be happy studying maths, don't force yourself to! However, I've found that maths skills are core to a lot of alevel physics (I studied Edexcel). The style of exam questions changes a lot between gcse and alevel and most questions require you to manipulate equations, change units, add/subtract/multiply/divide etc. I would say it's higher level gcse level skills (which as you're predicted a 7, you should be fine with) but in the context of alevel physics which can make it tricky. I think the only alevel maths skills used is exponentials and logarithmic graphs, which I actually understood better whilst studying them in physics than in maths.
However, as someone else mentioned here a lot of degrees require maths with physics, I have certainly found this as I applied for engineering. Best advice is to look into degrees and see what you need to get into them, and go from there.

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