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Hi, I'm in Year 12 and I am planning to do an EPQ on the Israel/Palestine conflict and was wondering how to go about it, thank you.
hi!!! i am also doing an EPQ as a year 12 but on modern languages (specifically French), so i will try to help as best i can.

do you have any ideas of what question/thesis statement you will use? feels like an obvious question but i know for AQA, they like to see you modify your titles and think up multiple questions before deciding on the final one

try and find academic/scholarly articles on the history of the conflict and genocide. some good ones to start could be Noam Chomsky and Ilan Pappé, and i think they even wrote a book together on the history of palestine and israeli occupation. sites like Jstor and google scholar are great for finding articles you can cite. PLUS check which kind of referencing you need (eg. harvard referencing style)

you could talk about how, unlike any genocide in history, this one is being witnessed through social media, and how social media both allows palestinian journalists facing heavy censorship and zionist influencers to spread very different messages to a global audience

you could talk about the boycotts of major companies like coca cola, mcdonalds and starbucks and use more statistics related to their recent company declines as an example of global resistance to israeli occupation/settlements and violence

you could talk about the use of passive and active voice in news articles, eg. the difference between the use of passive voice in the new york times vs. the active voice in an al jazeera article describing the same event. similarly, you could talk about the varying coverage of the hostage situation, especially the different perspectives over the "rescue" of 4 israeli hostages that was reportedly a cover-up for the killing of 200+ palestinians in a refugee camp

as i said, i am not doing an EPQ on a similar topic so i'm not sure how to go about this, but keeping up with the genocide and reading about it daily will also not do you any harm with regards to the developments of the situation. basically do as much reading as possible. hope this helps!!
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I suggested to my teacher that I’d do the same topic and he told me that its probably not the best idea, just because there isn’t much professional research or papers done on the conflict following October 2023, so if u do it maybe do it on the conflict prior to October
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Hi, I'm in Year 12 and I am planning to do an EPQ on the Israel/Palestine conflict and was wondering how to go about it, thank you.

Hey I have no idea if this helps, but there is a book on this which is part of the 'very short introductions' series by oxford. Maybe you could use that in your research? Sorry if this is no use

( If it is helpful, here's a link to it on amazon, although you could probably find it cheaper elsewhere: )
Good extra-curricular Mooc (short *free* online course) about Doing an EPQ from Uni of Bath- How to do an EPQ - Online Course (

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