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Is Cambridge LLM not worth it anymore?

I heard a few seniors say that LLM from Cambridge is not that good anymore. They take in anyone with a decent enough profile and the teaching is not as good as it used to be. Is this true?
I suggest that you disregard such rumours. The Cambridge LLM has less lustre than the Oxford BCL, but nobody gets into Cambridge without being a high achiever, and a Cambridge LLM is well worth doing.
I know two people who studied the Cambridge LLM and both have informed me that they are very displeased with the quality of education received (particularly in light of the substantial cost). Apparently the teaching is poor, the reading lists are huge, so it is more of a 'teach it yourself' job. Originally, I was only going to apply for the LLM (and not the Oxford BCL) due to the latter being around 10k more expensive, however it is worth noting that Oxford have quite a few scholarships available (more so than Cambridge) so it is definitely worth applying for both degrees. I was one of those who managed to secure a scholarship from Oxford, so ended up turning down my offer from Cambridge. This is only my experience (and that of my friends) though - I'm sure some people would highly recommend Cambridge. Everybody's experience is individual to them.

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