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is it easy to get a job at uni or does it depend on what uni it is and where it is?
Original post by sensen246
is it easy to get a job at uni or does it depend on what uni it is and where it is?
Hi there,

Lots of people get jobs at uni but it depends where you will be studying and what job you would like to do.

One of my friends works at Wetherspoons, another at Tesco and some others work in bars too so there are usually a variety of places where you can look for a job. I would say to either have a look online before you come to uni and see if anyone is hiring, or have a look around where you are living when you get to uni and ask if anyone is hiring. Sometimes people find it easy to get a job and sometimes it’s tricky it just depends how big of a place you are going to and whether there are many jobs available as there will be lots of students moving at the same time who might all want jobs.

I would also say with a job that it might be a good idea to find one where you can potentially work evenings or weekends as this is when you know you Will definitely be off uni. If your course has a lot of contact hours and you are in lots of days, you will have less time to work so you might need to do evening or weekend shifts but if you are only in a few days you could work on your days off which makes it a bit more flexible.

You could also have a look and see if your university has any jobs available. Sometimes there are student ambassador jobs available or other campus jobs such as working in the student Union so it’s worth having a look at this before you go to uni. These jobs are usually fairly flexible and you can pick your shifts as they want you to make sure you are still focused on your uni work so it’s a good option!

I hope this helps,

Lucy - SHU student ambassador 🙂
Most Universities offer work to student's, such roles as ambassador, campus tour guides and working at events like an open day. You may find the Unitemps website useful as they offer job opportunities at a number of Universities within the campus and in the local area.

Unitemps - Expert Recruitment Solutions
Hi sensen246,

It's definitely doable! There's plenty of shops around Exeter, if you was thinking of joining us! There's loads of places to apply to - ZARA, (which is where I worked during my 2nd and 3rd year), but we also have a Boots, Next, M&S etc and also cafes, restaurants (to name a few). I worked 18 hours a week, twice on the weekends and one day during the week and still managed to graduate with a 1st!

The University also offers some work, such as being a student ambassador (what we do) which is soooo much fun and it's also a 0 hour contract, so you can work as and when and you can choose what jobs you want to apply for. This is a lifesaver when you're course gets very busy - as you're not contracted to work if you don't want to.

Not only this, but we also have shops and pubs on campus where you could work!

I hope these ideas help or reassure you.

Let me know if there's anything else I can help with, but do remember to try not to overwork yourself!

University of Exeter Student Ambassador
Original post by sensen246
is it easy to get a job at uni or does it depend on what uni it is and where it is?

Hi there,

I'd say it is fairly easy to get a job while studying at university.

Of course, it may depend on where you study, but most places should have multiple opportunities for you on-campus and in the town/city. Bigger cities will have more opportunities, while in smaller areas it would be wise to apply as soon as possible for the best chance.

It would definitely be worth looking into working for your university too, for example as a student ambassador or as part of the catering team. They are aware you are a student and the most understanding about it, so can provide a great level of support for you alongside your studies!

I hope this helps,

Isabella 🙂
Third-year Geography with a Year Abroad Student
Original post by sensen246
is it easy to get a job at uni or does it depend on what uni it is and where it is?

Hi there,

It does depend on the location and other factors, but usually there are quite a lot opportunities for students to work part-time.

You may probably also want to have a look at the jobs offered by university itself, such as Student Ambassador role for example. Such roles are usually the most flexible and suitable for students.

Take care,

To reiterate what others have said, it does depend on where you plan on going, however usually you can find a job that matches up with your needs. You could take a look on some job listing websites before you go to see the sort of jobs going. Additionally, I would highly recommend looking at jobs with the university or student union, such as Student Ambassador or campus shop worker, or hospitality worker, as they often work around students already, and understand student schedules and such.

Wish you well,
Jen (UoS student rep)
Original post by sensen246
is it easy to get a job at uni or does it depend on what uni it is and where it is?

Hi @sensen246

One of the main factors effecting the ability to get a job at university is location. Those set near a city may have more employment opportunities, however more rural locations will also have work too. There are always businesses looking for part-time staff, the majority of employed friends I have work at bars, retail stores or restaurants.

Many university's also offer employment, such as an being an ambassador (personally this is what I do!), so it's worth checking university websites to see if this is an option.

You may also benefit from checking on sites, like Indeed, to see the types and volume of jobs available in the area. This can give you a rough idea of what to expect.

Please feel free to ask me any questions. I hope this helped! 😊
-Sophia (Business and Management)
Original post by sensen246
is it easy to get a job at uni or does it depend on what uni it is and where it is?

Hello, in my experience it has been quite easy for me to get a job at my university. They employ a lot of student ambassadors, as well as people to work on campus in the bars, cafes, food locations, shops etc. There are also job opportunities in the city (retail, hospitality, etc) that are often taken by students. At a guess, I would say that if you go to a campus university you will find it easier to get a job that fits around your studies, as any jobs on campus are likely to be offered by the university itself, making it easier to negotiate working hours around exams and classes. That being said, since the city itself has a large population, most places seem to be happy to make those accommodations anyway. I cannot, however, speak for universities in bigger cities such as London.
If you are not yet at university but know that you will need a part time job to keep you going, you could have a look at job websites and see what sort of things are going in that location, as well as seeing if the university website has a section on student employment (although as it is the summer holidays this may not be truly representative).
Good luck with the future!
-Kat (2nd year Psychology Undergraduate at Lancaster University)
Original post by sensen246
is it easy to get a job at uni or does it depend on what uni it is and where it is?

I would say places that have a high staff turn-over rate tend to be very open to hiring university students, because they can usually guarantee at least a few years of work from them. So these would be places like restaurants, takeaway shops, retail shops etc. These places tend to be hiring very often, so it might be helpful for you to have a wander about, asking if there are any vacancies! You could also have a look on local business websites directly and see if they’re advertising any vacancies or if they have a place you can go to submit CVs etc.

I hope this helps!

Third Year Psychology
University of Huddersfield
Original post by sensen246
is it easy to get a job at uni or does it depend on what uni it is and where it is?


You can absolutely work while you’re at uni! There’s so many options for students that want to work, no matter where you’re studying.

When I first started uni, I worked as a carer in the community. It offered me flexible shifts that I could slot in around uni stuff. As time went on I found that the job could be a bit stressful and with the pressure of uni, I wanted something more fun! That’s when I joint ARU temps and started working a student ambassador.

This is a great option for students. You get to pick which open days or events at the university you want to work and they’re always really fun days! I also now do online work with the uni, which gives me the flexibility to the fit the hours in where it’s best for me! All unis will hire student ambassadors. Have a look into what your uni offers, if you’re worried.

Good luck 🙂

Sophie (ARU)
Original post by sensen246
is it easy to get a job at uni or does it depend on what uni it is and where it is?

Hey @sensen246,

You can definitely get a job during university however there are factors that can control this:

Location - depending on if you are in a little town or city may limit what jobs are on offer and the roles available. I would recommend maybe having a look whats nearby to see what jobs could be on offer and if you have experience in a specific thing such as retail or bar work.

Time - Some jobs may expect quite a lot of time from you which you may not have so definitely figure out what your max is for a week you could do as you want to make sure you have a balance between uni, work and seeing friends. I know for Edge Hill they recommend a max work week between 16-20hrs.

I would recommend having a look if any jobs are available at your university such as in the Student Union, any food outlets or shops at your university and online work such as speaking with prospective students. Or even helping out on open days whether that is giving campus tours or helping out in that apartment. These are great jobs as they usually don't take up a lot of your time. I would recommend typing in part-time jobs and then the universities name as this could show all the different roles available.

Hopefully that helps!

3rd Geoenvironmental Hazards Student
Original post by sensen246
is it easy to get a job at uni or does it depend on what uni it is and where it is?

Hi 👋,

I think it depends on what job you are after.

However, I think that there is a wide range of different jobs on offer, for students both within the university and with local businesses.

One job that is available in most universities is the opportunity to work as a student ambassador, where you can work when you want on a flexible contract.

As well as this there will be many different local businesses around the campus which you could enquire within and see if they have any vacancies there.

What piece of advice would you give to someone looking for work in Uni?

Hope this helps,

1st Year Physiotherapy Student
Wrexham Uni Rep

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