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hey I am applying for MA fashion management and I have already received offer letter from Birmingham and Nottingham , reason I applied here was bcos i have heard both are great universities and tbh Nottingham is closer to London. I have also applied to UAL and Westminster but I havent received anything from them and having hard time figuring where to go for which is the best the reason I applied Ual and Westminster is they both are located in London and London is a fashion capital . And IDK how much should I wait for their reply as I have to apply visa and other stuff related to it , its a good thing there was no deadline provided to respond the offer but my agent is telling me not to wait so long and I am confused what should I do and where should I go for , which is the best university
Have you tried calling the admissions team for the two offers you are waiting for? They would be best to give you an accurate timeframe of how long it will take. If you have offers, just check when you need to confirm they by, don't let your agent rush you into things and make sure you make the right decision for you! 🙂

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