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Hey! :hello: Ive been lurking at the site for a few days and theres a fair few of you who seem to know what youre talking about, so here goes...

Im just coming to the end of a Biomed degree and Im considering doing a pharmacy degree as its something that has really sparked an interest as Ive been studying these last three years.

But what Im wondering is how much the fees will be. I know for 1st degrees fees are going up to 3k per year, but Im sure I read somewhere that the actual cost of a degree is closer to 12k-is that right? and if so is that how much Ill be expected to pay to do the Mpharm as my second degree.

Also, how do I stand with the SLC, is it possible to take out another loan as the Pharmacy degree is classed as an undergraduate degree?

Thanks guys!
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