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Bringing your car to UCL

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Don't bring your car. Just don't.
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As a UOL student let me please give you this once nugget of advice:

There is no point having a car in London. There are traffic jams at 4am here. Its faster, cheaper, easier to walk or get an oyster card :biggrin:
I'm sitting here, imagining you fifteen minutes late for lectures, in a traffic jam on Euston Road. Then you curse because you have to pay an extortionate amount for daily parking and congestion charge.

Bring your bike or take the bus.

The only minor advantage of keeping a car at halls is the fact that you can get home quicker.

It doesn't say they've banned students from having cars, but it does say that many of London’s key public spaces are now traffic-free. Since UCL is in the middle of london, you'll have to pay £8 congestion charge every day you move your car, and parking is about £8/hour in the centre. By the time you've got out of the parking space, queued your way around four streets then eventually found a parking space and paid, you'll have wasted a lot of money and time!
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I drove to Leicester Square from my house by Mornington Crescent and I must of suffered two or three strokes on the process. Why the heck would any student want to prove in central London!
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One of my friends in Camden halls has a car. He had to pay £170 or so for a pass that allowed him to park in the Camden halls' carpark, as well as the CC, as well as parking (and the ticket that he got for parking in the residential part of the street as opposed to the pay and display...).

I know there is a guy in my halls (campbell east) who has his car here, but I don't know how much it costs. I think you can get residence permits for on-street parking, and maybe money off/free congestion charge if your halls are inside the zone.

TBH I wouldn't bother unless you have a specific reason. OH, and insuring cars in London is much more expensive than other parts of the country.