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    I need HELP!

    can anyone give me any advice on writing the Macbeth essay.
    I have to write on 'How evil is lady macbeth'

    i also have to do an essay on oliver twist and seamus heaney!


    please help! xXx

    Hey fudge. Saw you desperate plea for help and since I loved studying Macbeth i thought I would try and give you a few hints. Hope it's not too late to add any bits in.

    Lady Macbeth(LMB) was not evil, she just loved her husband and did whatever she could to help him realise his ambitions
    She cannot commit the bad deeds without some help from the "dark side". In her really long (and cool) speech she calls upon evil spirits to fill her from top to toe with direst cruelty (or something like that). LMB is not plain evil, she commits some awful deeds but all for love and not without a little help from evil spirits. If you can find it there is a great line where she says she would kill Duncan herself, if only he didn't look so much like her father. It's somewhere in the scenes before the murder. This is only a small thing which she says but it reveals a lot about her. Moderaters love it when you pick up on wee small things like this
    Also the fact that guilt drives her to insanity and eventually to take her own life shows that she does have a conscience and is capable of remorse. It is her inability to sleep which drives her to insanity and her guilt which prevents her from sleeping. Only the innocent sleep. There is a whole lot of stuff in the play about MB having murdered sleep.

    The other think that leads to her demise is that MB no longer needs her. She plays the role of his supporter as he is striving toward his ultimate ambition (to be king), but when he achieves it he doesn't need her any more. she has no purpose in life and so falls apart. This is further evidence that all the evil deeds she committed were for her husband's sake. You should be able to find some textaul references to back this up, if u look hard enough.

    Well, I hope this can help.

    As for the Heaney, he was cool too. he likes to write about nature and use it as a metaphor for society and human nature. Just remember that and you will b fine

    Good luck,


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    Is there something that touched you about Lady Macbeth? Did you hate her, or were you secretly on her side? Imagine yourself as Lady Macbeth. How did you feel? A good essay is not repeating facts, but pouring your heart out onto paper.
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