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Oxford vs Cambridge songs

Hi guys,

I'm captain of a team heading off to Doxbridge 2009 (anyone else here...?) and feel that I need to take with me a reasonable repertoire of songs to abuse Tablanders with.

There were a few good ones flying around at the Varsity match (including a Que Sera Sera "interpretation") but I can't remember any of them for my drunken state.

Any help on ones people know would be great/anyone who has any of their own (football chants re-engineered might work?) would again be of great assistance!

"I would rather be a leper than a Tab" is the classic. Though cf. The Oxymoron's quite clever take on it:
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I don't think we had many specific Cambridge songs for Doxbridge... we mainly just sang a lot of Jamboree (for which some Dutch men accused us of being prostitutes) and Alouette.

Can't wait until Doxbridge.
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I don't think my liver ever recovered from Doxbridge. I'm really glad I did it once, but I couldn't have gone again!
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What in earth is Doxbridge? Beyond an attempt by Durhamites to feel superior to the rest of the country?
"I'd rather be a leper than a 'tab."
"I'd rather **** my sister than a 'tab."

...wait, why am I providing these, even if I'd rather be at Oxford than at John's?
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What in earth is Doxbridge? Beyond an attempt by Durhamites to feel superior to the rest of the country?

A 'sports tournament' in Dublin with teams from Oxford, Cambridge and Durham. Taken very seriously by the Durhamites, moderately seriously by the Tabs, and used as a massive epic piss-up by the Oxon.
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I was thinking about the one that goes something like:

(to the tune of Que Sera Sera)

When I was just a little boy
I asked my mother What will I be?
Shall I be Oxford?
Shall I be Cambridge?
And here's what she said to me

Que Sera Sera
Wash your mouth out son
Go get your fathers gun
And kill those Cambridge scum, kill those Cambridge scum

I'm sure there's more though...
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The People's Uni is darkest blue
and it educated me too
cambridge really is quite bad
for the people there i feel sad.

So raise the deep blue banner high
beneath its folds we'll live and die
let cowards flinch and traitors sneer
we'll keep beat cambridge every year

Done from memory in about 3 minutes, so deviations from the original song are highly likely.