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May Ball- Which one

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Does this mean those colleges which haven't been mentioned have **** May Balls? :p:
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Some of them don't have balls at all, others have them at a different time of the year (e.g. Selwyn Snowball), others have "June Events" and some are just small/got missed off by mistake. If you have any specific colleges in mind you can ask and we'll tell you what we know.
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Go to Homerton!

Homerton Homerton Homerton!

Biggest Oxbridge College, so probably a big event this year. And we've got James Bond theme, too xD .
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I think that Trinity and John's, though more expensive, are better value than other medium-priced or cheap balls, and REALLY worth it. I went to a cheap ball (Churchill), a medium-priced one (Girton) and Trinity last year and Trinity won hands down. This year I only want to go to John's.
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Trinity and Johns are great, but as has been said, they're all about knowing someone in Johns or Trinity who can get you a ticket. Plus, even if you can get a ticket, I personally would prefer to go somewhere less prestigous and go in a large group. Last year, most of my year at college went to Jesus (which is a very good ball in itself), but it was made extra special because we were all there together.

So in other words, maybe see where you're friends are going...
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Yeah, there's a few of us going but I'm getting to pick. So that doesn't really matter. I do agree it's all about the company though.
I didn't like Clare much last year, but I thought Caius was really really good.
Just wait another year and go to Christ's :smile:
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crafty bison
Just wait another year and go to Christ's :smile:

Has it been cancelled?
Has it been cancelled?

There is bi-annual
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crafty bison
Just wait another year and go to Christ's :smile:

I wish Christs were having one this year. One of my best friends is there so at least tickets wouldnt have been a problem.
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roxy potter
I wish Christs were having one this year. One of my best friends is there so at least tickets wouldnt have been a problem.

Are christ's ones normally good? Why do they have them bi-annually?
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I heard they are. Several colleges have bi annual ones, I think it's because of the amount of effort it takes to organise them(though I could be wrong)
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crafty bison
Just wait another year and go to Christ's :smile:

went to trinity and johns last year, i'm at trinity myself but thought the johns ball was waaay better so go to that one...

although people have told me they tend to alternate, as in one year trinity is better, next year johns is better etc but even so johns is more of a party whilst trinity is more of a ball (i.e. posher)
roxy potter
I heard they are.

Thanks :smile: I was on last year's committee and the feedback has been phenomenal. Apparently we 'won' May Week.

Yes, Christ's ball is every two years like many other colleges. It's simply too much effort to organise it in two academic terms. If you compare it to some of the smaller annual balls, you will notice the difference. Obviously, the big-budget annual balls like John's and Trinity are something else, so exclude those - they're really a different kettle of fish entirely.
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If you look at the May Week issues of Varsity (downloadable from you can read the ball reviews.

Take with a pinch of salt though - they only review the ones they get given free tickets to, and not all balls will do that (I think Clare don't, but can't read the article on this computer so can't be sure). Also in previous years there have been mutterings about the accuracy of the reviews and that some were written before the reporter actually went to the ball...
I was really disappointed at the lack of in-print feedback on last year's balls. Caius was the same night as us and our major 'opponents' if you will, and they definitely delivered "on paper" (Supergrass and British Sea Power) but I never heard anything about their ball other than who played there. I still maintain we offered more to do other than name-drop a couple of famous bands :wink:
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We at Churchill have a Spring Ball, on Feb 13th (book tickets now, blah blah blah).

It's unusual mainly because of the timing, this year's theme is Tokyo Sunrise, and apparently there's some very good band whom I haven't heard of performing.

But yeah, it's fairly cheap as balls go.
If you give us the name of the "very good band" we might be convinced. Didn't you only sell 40% of your tickets last year? I remember them being reduced to £20 on the day of the ball, too.