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Phoenix Club?

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Part of the exclusivity is that they're not well known, I'd imagine; and Satis is implying that the sort of person who frequents TSR probably isn't the sort of person who's in one of the dining clubs (or else, is highly unlikely to discuss them online).
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I thought my post was clearly sarcastic :frown:

I guess this is something I'm going to have to work on in the future.
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not everyone can JOIN skull and bones and the like but everyone KNOWS about them.
are they not then, as far as secret societies go, a bit of a failure? Maybe I'm wrong, but to me it seems that the most important feature of a secret society should be that it's, er, secret, no?
A lot of the societies are also not as well-attended as people would have you think. Even some of the more (in)famous ones are now down to only a few members, like the Bullingdons, who last time I heard were down to about five members (no-one can be bothered to buy the blue tail-coats, and getting your room trashed is a great annoyance). Many of the less well known ones have effectively become mere reasons for one prominent and rich member to invite a lot of other people he likes to a pretentious dinner.

And the sexuality ones aren't very popular now. Now that there's no need to demand secrecy, we all tend to go to clubs instead.