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North Campus, Birmingham City University
Birmingham City University

can sombody tell me is BCU a good uni

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Crap Area
Poor league rankings, always been between 80-100
Not respected

I dont judge a university by its league table or anything like that.I mostly judge universities by how good the degree that i am interested in offers applicants good job prospects and how good the teaching staff is there gunner1986,U are entitled to your opinion as everyone else is on here:yes:
North Campus, Birmingham City University
Birmingham City University
look bcu isnt too good not too bad either, uni is what you make of it darling, one of my mates who did a degree in london metropolitan now has a £60k a year job.

I just got accepted :biggrin: by bcu

come join me...if i go in the end that is lol

well said i-Citizen :biggrin: and congrats on that offer,I think university is what you make it to be no matter where u study at it doesnt matter as along at the end of the day you enjoy the experience and get the degree and the career u want to do:cool:
I've been BCU, depends on what your studying. I wouldnt recommend it.
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No, unfortunately, I cant. Because I'd be lying.

YOU did apply there though!!!!!!!:p:
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it has a good library but it all depends on the course, i know that social work is **** at bcu, the gosta green campass is lovely westbourne road is even beter but perry barr is falling down. it is easy to get to the centre the shopping is okay in all area's. perry barr looks skanky but it isn't really its just full of students.

check out your course first thats the most important
Is BCU any good for MSc Accounting and Finance. Also, how hard is the dissertation cause that's got me a little concerned

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