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Do guys like girls who are horny/pushy for sex?

Just a question whether its a turn on or off for guys if girls are really eager to get to bed and to want a discussion the other day the conclusion was yes..but only if its for that guy and that guy alone.

I've suddenly realised this was a bit of a silly question:shifty:

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Its hot if theyre like that and its appropriate if its the right time and place then thats great :smile:

A bit scary if some random girl is just really horny as it probably gives the wrong impression :/
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girls who are horny and initiate sex a lot = full of win.

yes it is, very much so.
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My boyfriend seems to not mind :wink:
I can't think of many situations in which it would be a bad thing. Maybe if she had AIDS?
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I want you to make it hard to get you to bed

But once were there i want you to **** like you've never ****** before


This is assuming this is a random link

I expect sex on tap from my gf obviously
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Where's the challenge? The thrill of the chase?
If they're looking for a hammering, yea why not. Relationships though I wouldn't know I doubt that'd go smoothly (If she's like that 24/7 with everyone).
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My boyfriend seems to not mind :wink:

I want you as my girlfriend

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Yes please.
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I'm talking about probably people more in a relationship than strangers at a club, scarily forward is never good.
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Derrrrrr..... of course we do. We just won't settle down with one who's given herself away too easily to other men.
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With a girlfriend, once every so often is great. Especially if it's inappropriate and there's some roleplay involved. But I like to have to woo a girl and put in some effort, otherwise what's the point in a relationship.

With a friend who you've wanted for ages then the more up for it the better.

With some girl in a club or wherever some restraint would be appreciated, it's all in the chase.
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umm id stand back and think again if some random girl just comes up to me and gets really horny...but yes a horny gf wouldnt be bad :biggrin:
well if you are not in the mood for sex all the time, then it could get annoying
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Thats like asking "Do you like food when you're hungry"
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I disagree... Once in a while it's quite fun and sexy, but if it happened constantly, I'd find it hard to respect her.