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    Hey guys!'s the deal...I'm going to try and clean up my act a bit when I head back to uni and one thing I really need to tackle is the way I treat my skin. At the moment it's okay but not brilliant.

    I get quite a few little teeny weeny spots on my chin and the pores on my nose are quite obvious.

    Sometimes I get the odd breakout of 2 or 3 spots ( usually before my period ) but apart from that I don't have a huge problem with them.

    My cheeks have dry(ish) skin but my forehead, nose and chin get quite greasy sometimes so I guess that means I have combination skin.

    At the moment I just use facewipes to cleanse and remove my makeup. I also have a facial scrub that I use once a week(ish) and nose strips that I've just started using. I also use a light moisturiser.

    Basically I want to know if any of you guys out there can recommend really nice products for combination skin; I'm talking cleanser, toner, mosituriser, face masks, facial scrubs and anything else you can think of.

    I'm not on a realllllly tight budget but I don't want to spend a fortune either.


    I look boots No7 time delay moisturising day cream. Its absorbed so easily that it doesnt make greasy skin any greasier, but does moisturise dry spots. It also makes it really easy to apply foundation afterwards

    baby wipes and vaseline intensive rescue for very dry skin. morning and evening and thats it.

    amazing results with my eczema

    I think you already use too many stuff. Good skincare is not about using all kind of stuff that's available. I have great skin and everyone says they want my skin ask me what I use. But I actually use is the most simple moisturiser and every night use a make up remover (L'Oreal - it's not expensive) My advise is to go to pharmacy and ask for a moisturiser with zink It's really makes your skin a lot healthier

    I like Lush Ultrabland as a gentle cleanser that also prevents spots and makes the face soft without being drying. I like the Olay multiradiance light moisturiser as it's moist without being heavy and has a SPF 15 which is pretty important for day to day wear.

    Neutrogena Visibly Clear range is quite good, nice and cheap to.
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Updated: January 10, 2009
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