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would be easier if we lived somewhere near ^o)
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party start yet?
not yet :p:
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yeah. true ;yes;
do you really think i'd still be here...talking to you...if the party is already on?
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if it's boring, yes, i think you would hide upstairs :rofl:

you caught me again :laugh:

they're's hot and boring down's cooler and much more fun up here...
food's down there though...:frown:
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it's a lose lose situation for you :laugh:

i say tolerate them for a few minutes till you finish the pizza
i want ice cream :frown:
yeah i know...through with those few minutes :rofl:
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this thread stinks of the previous war :ninja:
i didn't really see it as a was like...american football...

they carried the n00b around while others attacked them and took the n00b away until JR finally scored the touchdown...:rofl:
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yeah that's it! battle over the n00bs will be this society's official sport ;yes;
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they'd still be fighting though ^o)
but it'll be a friendly sport...;yes; they won't really be fighting :ninja:

the only fighting i'm against is when they mean it :frown:
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what if the loser isn't much of a 'sport'
they'll have to deal with it ;yes;
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what if they don't want to?