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Hello! I have been offered a job and in order to get it I have to translate a text into English. I
have done it, but I'm not sure it sounds great. It's made up of several paragraphs that will be
spoken on loudspeakers in the beach. What I ask you please is to read it and if you can point out
some mistakes I may have done, let me know. Will you? Ok, here it is

"Form now on until 8 in the evening, the Civil Protection surveillance and salvage station
will be open.

Enjoy Parador Beach, awarded with the European Union Blue Flag which grants the quality of its
water, sand and services. It also rewards our Council Efforts to keep the enviroment in this
paradisiacal zone of the shore of Huelva. Enjoy this beach being respectful with every of its
natural places.

Remember the flags on top of watch towers report sea conditions.

Red flag means bathing is absolutely forbidden. Yellow flag advices to be very careful in the sea.
Green Flag reports that the sea is in perfect conditions for bathing.

Besides, remember that pets and fishing rods are completely forbidden in the beach. When using
public showers, please, don't use soap. Be respectful of parking signs and zones. It's forbidden to
park on beach entries. Please, follow lifeguards and watchmen indications.

This year blue flag again.

In a few minutes, the Civil Protection surveillance and salvage station will be closed. Thank you
and good evening."

Thank you very much for your help
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