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a few things [well currently one because I'm lazy] watch

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    a few things that have been bugging me on this forum as of late, and because I feel in a setting to world to rights mode here goes …

    “If you ain’t gainin’ – You ain’t eating”

    Whilst it is important to eat an excess of calories, it’s not always the case.

    Firstly not everyone needs 5,000+ calories to grow, a lot of people, even slimline people can gain on 2,500-3,500, again it’s just down to the individual

    Better solution would be – add 500 calories/week and go from there.

    You’re eating enough, ok …

    Are you training hard/heavy enough? Are your training sessions intense enough, and by intense I mean the workload/density, intensity isn’t measured by how hard you scream or how much it ‘burns’ but whether or not the training you do is causing sufficient microtrauma

    Lastly … do you have realistic expectations?

    Don’t expect to add on 20lbs in a month or whatever, even 1lb/week which might not sound like a lot, can’t be maintained in the long-term

    At least not muscle gains

    In realistic terms, newbies can gain 1lb/week (or maybe more) but after that, 1lb/month is more along the lines of what is achievable by the majority naturally.

    Ok I’m bored of typing now lol

    I’ll add more as/when I can be bothered.

    If I were to eat 2000calories a day, I would be in negative weight by the end of the week

    I have reached 2500kcals by 10am
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