Is There a More Reactionary Group of People in this Country? Watch

Zap Brannigan
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I have been on TSR for a little while now. Long enough to make my first (relatively) serious post, so here it is.

I have noticed that barely a day goes by without at least a dozen people posting on the General Discussion board to register their horror about some world event. It doesn't matter if they don't know the facts, don't know anyone involved, are not in the least bit affected by it or can't locate the countries involved on a labelled map. The event in question is horrific, the worst thing since Manchester United becoming a PLC and must be stopped immediatedly. We also seem to have at least 3-5 people advocating a coup on a pretty much daily basis. Che Guevara is (rightfully, by comparison) slated as being a conformist.

As a serious point of discussion:
Is this just typical of students? If so, why? Do we have too much time on our hands?
Is it typical of the young? If so, only our generation? Are we influenced too much by a media thriving on tragedy?
Is TSR just a unique collection of idiots?

Take it away.

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