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    Hi there,

    I'm currently an employee of Sainsbury's and have been since October 2008 (so not that long), but it's gone a bit wrong so I started having a flurry around the Internet, looking for something new retail-based.

    One thing that came up was my local O2 store have a vacancy for a weekend retail advisor. I submitted my application last night, and this afternoon I got 2 emails on my Hotmail address which I used to create the application. One was merely FYI: Job Alerts from O2. Then I saw the second one... Invitation for Telephone Interview!

    Hooray! 2nd stage already?! I have to call them and arrange an interview for later in the week by telephone.

    I have had much trouble working for Sainsbury's, not because of anything I have done, but because they have been a generally very poorly organised employer and the biggest problem is over-staffing, hence they've been trying everything they can to get people struck off.

    They tried to catch me out with a letter that said my temporary contract was ending. I was employed on a permanent contract, and so on. Now they realised that I wasn't going to go out quietly on those grounds, they're trying to use my personality traits against me to get me out. It's not very fair, and I'm always on time, always tidy and neatly in my uniform (most of which they still haven't given me... that which I am entitled to and requested, of course!)

    They got rid of some of my colleagues with those letters. Not me though!

    Anyway, I applied to O2 last night, got told to call them today, and now I just wonder: if anyone's been through their recruitment process (to get to be Retail Advisor at a local store), what would you say it was best to do, and if you got through the whole process and employed by O2, what's your experience of working for them?

    I'd like to hope I have all the necessary traits required for working in an O2 store!!

    And, finally, one IMPORTANT note... if I get through the final 2 recruitment stages with O2, I WILL without a moment's hesitation, drop a big notice in to Sainsbury's telling them I quit. Put simply, I have been treated like s**t since I got employed by them.

    However, I am willing to admit, that it has been a learning curve and hopefully I've picked up the right traits for a smaller store like the O2 store to be able to stand and deliver the kind of service I have been given when going to that particular store!

    All comments appreciated!


    ive had 2 o2 phone interviews in the past, i find them to be the hardest i find my interview always challenges me and questions WHY when there could be no possible answer to that. For example I wasa asked to give them a time Ive gone out of my way and hit my sales target, so i said something like how on a saturday i would approach the customer ask them if they needed any help and mention a promotion and so they'd buy the certain product and then I added on something like a pair of jeans to go with the top, and they asked me WHY i did that and i said to reach my target and leave the customer satisfied and yet again she asks me WHY so I said to make sure the customer leaves my store with positive feedback so that we can uphold our good reputation and excellent service, AND SHE ASKS WHY?! and at that point i didnt even know what to say next! Im a very confident person but unfortunately I had to hang up without warning cos i just lost my confidence over the phone when she just kept asking me why. I have years of experience in sales and retail and ive passed interviews with Halifax, alliance leicester but to be honest I really thought what the hell are you talking about woman?! WHY what?! ofcourse it makes sense how she'd ask why after every answer but then she left me puzzled by asking why again and again! Also when she asks for an example I went out of my way to reach a target I described a saturday, but she kept asking me for a specific day/month but all i could give her was the example of my normal saturday she kept saying how she wants a clear example. And i dont understand what could have been a more clearer example of me describing how i reached my target on that specific day!! Im sorry i really felt like questioning her but never question your interviewer like that lol. Seriously dont know why they do this. was really p'd off for the next few days after that!!
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