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Consider the following:
POLICE (every police station)
MINISTRY OF JUSTICE (and every crown court)
CITY COUNCIL (see your local city council)

Also: universities, schools, media etc.

Search for all of these at www.dnb.com

They are all corporations. We have corporate courts, corporate politics, corporate everything. These are structured into larger conglomerates also. For example, local police in Kent will be incorporated into KENT POLICE. Churches in the UK will be incorporated into CHURCH OF ENGLAND.

So let’s look at international politics. There is the UNITED KINGDOM CORPORATION LTD. Are we its employees? When you vote for politicians, you are voting for new directors of a corporation. In a war, you have one corporation going into direct competition with another. This is big business for America for example, whose chief export is arms.

The economic sphere has merged into all of the ‘public’ sectors. They are trading for profit, and have bankers/banks investing in them. The Rothchilds have served on the Board of Directors for the Bank of England and so have dictated policy. If these are all businesses, there is someone invested in the business who wants paying back - as in the famous Rothschild quote: ‘Give me control of a nation’s currency, and I care not who makes its laws.’

These all operate under corporate policy, not common law. Notice the use of capital letters. Whenever you see your name in capital letters it indicates your ‘person’ which is a legal fiction separate from the human being (see Black’s Law Dictionary definition of ‘person’). So these corporations go into business with the ‘person’ under corporate law. The language of legalese is used, in which words which have one meaning have another meaning in legalese. E.g. the word ‘register’ means ‘handing over’. So when you register a child, you are handing over ownership of it to a corporation. The GRO that authorises your birth certificate is a corporation. SOCIAL SERVICES PLC can only take your child if it has been registered. (But I’ll write more on legalese in another post)

Our whole society runs on money. So have a look at a note of money. At the top it reads ‘Bank of England’. The Bank of England is run by private bankers. On the note is says ‘I promise to pay’, not ‘I pay’ – therefore it is a DEBT. Money is in circulation, therefore it is recycled DEBT.

It also says ‘the sum of twenty pounds’. Think about that for a moment - twenty pounds of what?
Of course, it used to be gold or silver, but not anymore. Gold or silver had a value. But why was gold valuable? You could say, it is rare, un-reactive, whatever. But why does that make it valuable? It is only valuable because people attributed value to it. So let’s use the same argument for money. It is only valuable because people attribute value to it. BUT on first principles you cannot attribute value to a debt.

(Remember the currency is controlled by the Bank of England, which sets all its own interest rates and the amount of money in circulation.)
It then says ‘on demand’ so you are promising whoever you give the note to that you will pay them twenty pounds ‘on demand’ – whenever they want it. However, the twenty pounds doesn’t exist – it is a legal fiction created by the Bank of England.

So now we have financial crises. This is due to fractional reserve lending by the banks. There is a larger debt created by this than could ever be paid back by all of the money in circulation. But what does the corporation THE LABOUR PARTY then do? They give billions away! Hopefully you are beginning to see why.

So society is based on a legal fiction (money) and all of the so-called public services are trading for profit. The media wouldn’t give you such information though – because it is composed of corporations!!
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