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Please keep anon as people might see this....

OK. I shall start from the beginning.
I like this guy on my course and we are actually quite good friends. We do hang round together with our other friends and we are even sharing a house together next year.
But i dont know whether he just sees me as a really good friend, or not.
Sometimes he is really nice to me and tells me lots and just does stuff which are different to what 'just friends' would do- sometimes i even catch him looking at me (whether he was just staring pass me, or looking at me, i dont know! )

But other times, things are just...... normal.
He isnt the type of person who would be all romantic and in fact, he is actually very masculine, likes football, does all the typical boy things, so i cant really imagine him looking for a girlfriend....

Anyway, most recently, he started being extra nice to me- like he would tell me where he is going, ask me to come, walk alongside me when he didnt have to- and also lately we practically see each other everyday. This had made me fall deeper into the 'trap'.

However, there is also this other girl who recently started hanging around with us more at lecture times...... In fact, she always sits right in between us in lectures now, which really annoys me. I know I am just jealous, because they are just friends. She even has a boyfriend for god sake, but I still cant stand it when they start chatting and i have no idea what they are laughing about even though i am sat right next to them, helpless.

Today, after the lecture, they walked off together chatting. Well, actually, he walked off first and she just caught up with him. I was completely ignored, and i feel really jealous watchin them. I know he is not mine, but still, i'm unhappy.
I'm thinking if i try to back out, and ignore him, sit elsewhere, will he start to notice me? Or am i just being really immature here?
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First things first - be careful about getting into a relationship with someone you're going to live with. If it doesn't work out, it can get nasty!

Just cos a guy is masculine doesn't mean that he can't be romantic! Guys aren't just one-sided creatures!

He may be talking to you more simply because you will be living together next year, and he wants to spend more time with and get to know you better before you do live together!

Anyways, to the advice you were asking for:
Perhaps talk to your friend? I'm sure he wouldn't want you to feel left out! Don't ignore him though! He will probably notice if you sit elsewhere, but take it more as a sign you don't want to be seen with him / talk to him!
Best thing to do is either ride it out, or mention to him the other girl makes you feel uncomfortable, and you feel a bit left out of conversation when she's around!

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