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Hello people, I'm new here. How's it going?

I need some help with my assignments. One of them is chemistry.

The assignment is on enthalpy. We did 2 experiments and were meant to determine whether they were endothermic or exothermic.

The write-up is the hard part. Can someone help me with these?
These are the questions:

a) Describe the bonds that are broken and formed in the reaction you have carried out, in terms of the enthalpy change (i.e. energy required or released) associated with the formation and breakage of these bonds.

Now is this question asking to talk about metallic bonding and ionic bonding? I can do that but the question says "in terms of the enthalpy change". Thats what confuses me.

b) Zinc and copper are pure substances; while copper sulfate and zinc sulfate are salt solutions. Explain their physical properties (such as melting and boiling point) in terms of bonding and intermolecular forces.

This question seems to ask me to talk about the physical properties of those 4 substances. But then it says "in terms of bonding and intermolecular forces."

c) The electronegativity and atomic radii of an atom has a great influence in bonding and intermolecular forces. Analyse these influences in the pure substances and solution outlines in question b.

I just simply don't know what to write on this one.

I'd really appreciate some help.
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a) Depends what your reaction was. It might just want you to evaluate the overall enthalpy change by using the bond energies.

b) This wants you to talk about metallic and ionic bonding...

c) I'm not entirely sure what it wants here, sorry.

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