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Bristol University Accommodation Info (please post all questions here!)

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ooooph my head hurts thinking about this all so much now. I've changed my mind so many times. You'd think we wouldn't care so much after all you'd have to try pretty hard not to enjoy your first year at uni I would think?
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You say that, when I went to Uni first time round (ha), Freshers was the loneliest week of my life. Saying that, I went to a s***hole. ¬_¬ Meh, wherever we end up in Bristol it'll be awesome. :smile:
How much of a problem do people think being in one of the further out student houses would be ?
Hey, still looking, and I can't work it out from the sites - do the bigger student houses have access to pianos? Cos they look like a brilliant option for me, except that I really really want a piano! Thanks for the keyboard suggestion, HLIP, but unfortunatly my sister's keyboard is huge and anciant, and your basic keyboard is rarely very much like a piano to play. Plus I've already got a bassoon to cart around - I'll need to gain an extra set of limbs to make the train journey home alive at this rate!
I don't think winkie or Richmond do...I've been stalking them....but I don't know....possibly the ones that are in houses have music rooms?? I wouldn't think the ones that are large and just converted into flats and a laundry would but the ones set out as actual houses maybe?
Yeah there's no piano in Richmond....
...Just wondering, why on earth would anywhere have a piano? :s-smilie:
For people to play/practise on?
Yeah there's no piano in Richmond....
...Just wondering, why on earth would anywhere have a piano? :s-smilie:

Wills does. I assume some of the other halls do too.
Goldney does to. You can use the piano rooms in the music department though, and I'm not sure but I think the union might have some....not 100% on that though.
Yeah there's no piano in Richmond....
...Just wondering, why on earth would anywhere have a piano? :s-smilie:

to play it. It is a means of escapism from the thunderous lectures, stormy practicals and torrential journey back to stokie b.

Oh yh and hiatt baker is also a member of the 'We have a piano' club.
Lol, sorry, but i've never heard of anywhere having random pianos lol.
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they're not really that random... it's not like she's asking whether halls have a dedicated banjo room..
Dedicated banjo room. Now that, I'd love to see. Room dedicated to bassoons, too. I think I might found my own hall of residence, full of rooms dedicated to every instrument imaginable, from the penny whistle down.

So basically, most actual halls have one, but the student houses don't? But you can use the ones in the music department, even if you arn't doing a music course? Hmmm...*ponders*
Anyone can use the Piano's in halls - if you go to the Bristol University Website accomodation page, and look up the descriptions of the individual halls I believe it says it on there.
Ok, me again...sorry, I will stop one day...I discovered today that next years prospectus is now available online, but I was wondering if we get it sent in the post too? Or is it all on the internet now?

Just thought I'd check before I printed off 40 odd pages - I hate just reading all that sort of thing online.

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I think we get it sent to us; they did say they would send it out in May, so I would imagine that the least they would do would be to email to say that it's up. I'm totally with you about not liking to read it online! Having said that, I was glad to see it was up so I could read it before prospectus is going to reach me now.
I just got the accommodation prospectus in the mail today. :smile:
Yeah I got it the other day... have to wait til June to apply though, argh!
Okay, i dunno if anyone would be able to answer this but i'll try anyway. I've already applied with the old form (i'm international) but when i went to that site again it has changed and even internationals had to do it online. I'm now confused wether i'll have to complete an online application as well or not?
Just comparing self-catered halls now, but the facilities table is pretty useless -
Is there a list somewhere of how important things like room sizes; number of people to kitchen; and number of people to bathroom compare?
Or can anyone give me a rough idea of the rank order?

Any help much appreciated:smile: