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Is it possible to miss someone you've never met?

As the title indicates... someone you never knew existed, a person you've never set your eyes on, you don't know their voice or their mannerisms yet you now know that they exist. Can we miss a person we've never met?
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Nope. It's possible to desire them though.
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no - agree with above ^^ you can desirethem..
Nope, wouldn't think so, maybe there's something deeper that you're missing, like simple companionship, and you've built that person up, despite never having met them, as the one who could fulfil that.
I think it definately is...well not so much 'miss' them...but people you haven't met can leave a gaping hole in your life. You want them so much that you do feel as though you miss them, like a mother or father you've never met. People always say you can't miss something you never had, but for sure you only realise it if you go through it though.
of course not... i need to think of her only i can miss her. I don't think it is possible in that case.
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Well in some ways becuase if you were adopted or your mother died in child birth or something then you could .
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How about if you become aware of someones existance and wanting to see them so much but knowing you can't, perhaps not at all or maybe not for a while... They're physical absence in your daily life but their emotional impact highlighting their physical absence and cauing you to think more about them. the idea of Once you realise someone exists and wanting them to be around could perhaps be seen as noticing that they are missing from your life because you want them there... but I suppose desire may be the better ord, i dunno desire just seems a bit different... but maybe there is a better word to describe the feeling.

Well in some ways becuase if you were adopted or your mother died in child birth or something then you could .

I do undertand this though, and in that case I deffs think it's possible to miss a mother you never met.
Yes, you can.
You can miss talking to them if you have.
(Assuming you're talking about someone you've talked to online?)
Yes that's possible.
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If you don't know they exist then, no.

If you do... but have never met them/never knew about them for a long time then I think you can miss them in a way. I mean, you can miss what you could have had, if you'd have known them. That's like what people have said about missing a mother you've never met- that kind of thing.
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Yes! I met a guy on the web and we've been communicating for months over the web with webcam and we're both in love. He's in Afghanistan and we miss each other terribly. Suzy was right when she said that an emotional bond without the completion of physical contact causes one to have a profound sense of missing someone. It is possible to fall in love without sex. Love begins in the mind, if you ask me. So, yes you can miss someone you've never met!
i think it's definitely possible to miss someone you have never physically met, you can grow attached to someone's personality or voice etc, if you have a simple conversation and then get to know the person, yes, you can miss them indeed.
Sounds like you miss a lot of things, which have formed into a person in your brain.
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My answer: hell yes

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