How do you get a career in writing exam papers and marking them?

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    Hi all,

    This may sound weird, but I really would like a career in writing exam papers for GCSE and A level subjects, like maths and English. I also, would like to mark student's exam papers. So I was wondering what field of study (a degree) I would have to take to make this possible. I will be taking the following A levels,

    English Literature
    Further Maths

    So does anyone have any ideas on what degree i need to take, and most importantly, what steps I need to take to go into a career writing exam papers and marking them.

    Many Thanks!

    Try looking on exam boards' websites, sometimes job opportunities come up. To mark papers you should have a qualification at a level above the level you're marking ie. if you want to mark A level maths papers you would probably need a degree in maths, or proof that you are part of the way through one. Since this is quite specialised, you'd probably only be able to mark one subject (ie. you'd have to choose between maths and english, you probably couldn't do both).
    As for writing papers, you'd have to have at least a degree in your subject and it looks at the moment as if most of these people have done some teaching or lecturing first; I'm not sure, it might be wise to have a look on exam boards' websites.

    Markers are generally fully qualified teachers. I'm not sure, but I'm guessing that a lot of people who write exams are also qualified teachers, perhaps those who've realised they don't actually like kids as much as they thought they did! Does your school have a careers advisor? You could try making an appointment to see them.

    I think most people who write public exams don't do it full time but are qualified teachers or academics who get paid a fee to write questions. I recall that my chemistry teacher was heavily involved in working with the exam board.

    Got drunk in a bar once and got chatting to some random guy sat with a pint looking over a load of papers.

    Turned out he was a teacher and marking exams in the pub after a few drinks. I gave him a hand with the marking.

    And you all think teacher's handwriting is just messy because they write quick!

    My History teacher is involved in this, she marks papers and writes the fact list for the medieval paper on one exam board, she might also have written questions but I can't remember. I think you would have to be a qualified teacher with a degree in the subject. My teacher has a doctorate, also I think you have to mark for a number of years before you can write questions. As far as I'm aware you have to move up through the ranks of examiners as it were.

    Why the hell are you doing 5 A Levels!!!

    Knock one and volunteer in the time you'll save.

    4 is enough.

    You need to be a teacher. Edexcel are currently recruiting teachers for marking papers.

    With regards to setting papers, I think you need to be really really really really experienced!

    To mark papers you usually have to be a teacher in that subject; you register, get sent a bunch of papers and get a small fee for each one you mark.

    To set the papers - well, in the good old days senior academics would be involved. My Grandfather was a maths professor at the university of london and he helped write and mark papers for A levels and undergrad degrees. Nowadays you have to be involved in the exam boards for a while (in terms of being a teacher and helping to moderate papers etc). Its all ******** nowadays anyway - i wouldnt bother
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