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Agnes Jones House NOOOOOOOOO :(

I am a gap year student and I've applied already to Liverpool Accommodation using the 2004/05 booklet. However, I've just had a new leaflet (for 2005/06 year) through the post and Agnes Jones House isn't in there!! I'm quite disappointed. Is this because there have been problems with this accommodation? Does anyone know? I guess I'll have to apply again...I know I'm choosing Philharmonic Court and Mulberry Court as my 1st and 2nd choices respectively (as they are closest to the Uni) but I have no idea what to put as my third choice now :frown: Can anyone make any suggestions?
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Hello :smile: Firsty, I have no idea about Agnes Jones House. I have temporarily misplaced my accommodation booklet for 2005/6 - are there any 'new' halls instead of AJH? I take it you want to be self-catered, then? I had a look around Greenbank (D&R) on Wednesday and it was pretty nice: just your average uni accommodation, really: nowt special, but I've definately seen much much worse!

I have never gotten to look around Philharmonic/Mulberry - what are they like? I have no idea what to do with accommodation at ALL. I kind of want ensuite, but the extra money would probably be nicer!
Students in Lecture Theatre, University of Liverpool
University of Liverpool
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No there are no new halls that I can see in the leaflet. I've kinda decided to go catered now, as my friend pointed out that I might actually starve as I can't cook, lol. I haven't seen Philharmonic/Mulberry Court. I like those residences only because they're so close to Uni. I was thinking of going up to Liverpool soon to help me make up my mind, I'll let you know any info on what I find out here...
noooo where is it and when did u get these booklets??? i was gonna put prospect point as my first and agnes as my second but i can't imagine u can't put it down anymore!! did the uni send ur form back to u and ask u to change your agnes jones choice and choose something else??

i've stayed with my friend a couple of times in philharmonic, it's ok but apparently not as nice as agnes.. it's decent, average student accomodation i guess. They are just blocks of flats and on each floor there is a flat which is shared by about 5 girls and 5 guys and 2 bathrooms, 1 or 2 toilets and kitchen which is a fair size.
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Heya, I don't really understand what you mean by "where is it?" sorry. I did not get any reply when I orginally applied for accommodation using 2004/05 booklet. So I don't know what happenned with my previous choices!! The uni sent me a new form and booklet for 2005/06 a few days back. I am not entirely sure if Agnes Jones and Philharmonic Court have been taken off for new students 2005/06 - but they don't appear in the 2005/06 booklet so I just assumed they had been removed.

I am as devasted as you are - I have to choose again now (probably gonna go catered this time round, as it's common sense lol). It might be worth giving the accommodation office a ring though to see where your application is/whether Agnes Jones and Philharmonic Court are available.
I just meant where has it gone, why has it been taken off :frown: anyways it does seem confusing as they just sent you another form without even telling you what happened to your old one :s-smilie: tis very strange as i can't imagine what all those blocks at philharmonic are gonna be used for if they are not student accomodation anymore

i can't reply to my offers yet until end of april, do you think this will disadvantage me in terms of accomodation choice. is it first come first served at liverpool? i'm sure it's like this at a couple of unis but i don't know if it's the same at liv :frown:
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I have no idea why it has been taken off I'm sorry. In the new booklet (2005/06) it has a passage underlined at the front of the booklet saying "our accommodation has no hidden charges" etc so I dunno if there has been any probs with private accommodation.

Why do you have to wait until april? It is first come first served but there's a long time before the accommodation deadline for first years (1st of july I think, but don't quote me on that). Most first years apply for catered residences apparently, so hopefully you'll be ok.

I thought about calling the accommodation office and asking them about my form but I figured I'd wait until I visited Liverpool to check out all the Halls etc first of all, as I didn't do this last year (to help me with my decision.)
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Bear in mind that as places like Agnes Jones and Prospect Point are private halls, you can still apply to them whether they're in the accommodation booklet or not. Liverpool uni hadn't placed me up until a week before i arrived which was very scary, and if you know for sure that you want to go to a certain private hall it will probably be a much quicker process to do it privately.

I put prospect point as my first choice, and liverpool told me it had been completely filled up. I then met a girl in freshers week who lived there and told me her flat of six or so people only had three occupied rooms, and the same with the flat upstairs. I think what liverpool meant was that their allowance of rooms from prospect had filled up. If the uni says you cant have any of your choices, its worth calling the hall up and trying to do it separately. I wish I'd known this when i was applying!!

Good luck!!
How would you apply to them privately? I mean, will you be detached from the university if you scrap their application forms and apply individually? And surely, the university should have allocated spaces in these halls so would they still not be on the forms? If you apply seperately or via the uni, will the rates be different? Sorry..confused :tongue:
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Privately, go on their website/email/ring them and they should send you an application form. I'm not sure what you mean by detached; the uni won't disown you but yes you may be put in a hall with john moores/hope students though i would have thought most of them would apply to the centre-city halls (as opposed to mount pleasant). I can't really help you much, I was just reminding ppl it is possible to do it privately. I'm sure Agnes Jones or the accommodation office should be able to answer your questions! x
Thanks, yeah I will do that. All I meant by detached was that the uni may not look after you as well as those in their own accomodation e.g. cheaper internet, problems with the accomodation, etc, you'd have to sort everything out yourself right? Thanks for the info anyway :biggrin: