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Okay, I'm international so I don't really know whats going on over in the UK right now as far as applications. So I have questions:

1) Have most ppl already sent off their applications or when do most do it?

2) How long does the whole UCAS->University->UCAS->Me thing take? A month? more...less?

3) Do I receive confirmation/rejections on an individual Uni basis or does UCAS wait until everything comes back to respond?

BTW my schools are Edinburgh, Keele, Sheffield, Cardiff, Reading, and Leeds...dunno if that'll help answer the questions or not.

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I haven't sent my application form off yet but I'm planning on doing so this month definitely because I'm told spaces can fill up quite quickly. It looks like I'm going to have to go through clearing if I'm going to get to my chosen university (UEA) as I bodged up History (Long story) and need to resit all 3 modules. I've now dropped History at A Level and taken an AVCE Part award course in ICT in the hope that this will give me enough points.

Re: your questions: -

1) You have until mid January, although as previously mentioned the clued up (Most certainly not I) have whacked their forms off already. I'd try to get yours done as soon as possible.

2) I wouldn't mind knowing the answer to that too so hopefully someone can help us! :-)

3) From mates who went through the process last year, I believe you get confirmation of the uni decision through as and when they decide, meaning you could get rejections or acceptions at different times.

I'm not sure if the process is different because you're an international student though.

Anyway, I hope I've helped in some way. I apologise that I haven't been able to give you all the info you require but hopefully someone else more ITK can fill you in :-)

All the best.

PS. My preferred choices are Norwich, Cardiff, Sheffield, Southampton and my 2 safety nets are Nottingham Trent and Northumbria (Politics/Journalism/English it varies!)
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Thanks for your help. I don't really know how it'll work for me but I know Edinburgh only takes 5 days to consider so maybe my schools will be quick. I send off my application today and I'm nervous as hell that I forgot some minor detail in it (since I'm going about this all by myself. I live in Texas so anytime I say I'm studying in the UK I always get "you want to go THERE? WHY? It's freezing cold and they don't play (american) football!" Err....I'm not partial to my state.

Good luck with your applications and all that. It's a mess...I had to completely rewrite my personal statement 4 times and throw away 2 letters of recommendation because colleges wouldn't tell me what they really wanted.
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