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Third Year Economics Courses

Would appreciate opinions by current third year students who have taken the following EC courses, in terms of what they think of them. (how structured/organised lectures, classes are/exams/teachers etc.)

- EC 321: Monetary Economics
- EC 311: History of Economics
- EC 315: International Economics
- EC 307: Development Economics
- EC 325: Public Economics

Thank you :smile:
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Public is thought to be easy, Monetary is thought to be hard, EC311 is your one chance to write proper essays, Development has a lot of econometrics in it, and international is meant to be alright.

Carr Saunders Halls, LSE
London School of Economics
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Monetary lectures are rubbish. Second term is slightly better with more interesting and structured content. The module overall was interesting. It has has a very high 1st/2i rate in the past, with ~50% getting a first in 2008.

International trade is entirely models from a microeconomic base (general equilibrium analysis used in pretty much everything). New lecturer for next year which is a good thing. International macroeconomics uses some micro and has overlap with monetary econ. Also uses a lot of ec210 stuff.

Public economics is the most interesting by far and has very good lecturers and the course is very well structured. It requires a lot of work throughout the year if you want to be confident of getting a first while the 2 modules above you need less time if you can pick up models quickly.

Classes as usual in LSE are luck of the draw.
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i would highly recommend EU as it is very easy. International is difficult to get your head around, but pretty much once you understand it you don't have to do much else. Doesn't require much work throughout the year, so I'd definitely recommend it.