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This is a thread for people who are applying to Bath Spa university for Commercial to post their myspace or any other site with their music on. Gives us a good idea of the kind of standard of other applicants are at. :smile:

Im applying as a Songwriter, Pianist, Guitarist and Vocalist.
My myspace is:

Good luck!
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Heya! I'm applying for this course too!

I'm applying as Singer, Guitarist, Pianist and Songwriter!

hope you like it! i sent my demo away a couple of weeks ago! anyone heard anything about the auditions yet?

Students at work, Bath Spa University
Bath Spa University
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Hey! Your stuff sounds awesome! Great voice!
I got an audition for the 9th april :smile:
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Hey, did you guys get in??
i have just applied for september 2010 entry, havn't heard about an audition yet..
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Had my interview today :smile: went really well.
Were others told how they did?
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Hey, we had our interview on the same day.
Glad it went well!!!
Were you told how you did then?
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yeah i had richard & he told me i'd got in.
dont think they told many people though :/
did they let you know?
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Awww brilliant, well done...
you must have really impressed him, good job
nah i had Nigel and he didnt tell me, so fingers crossed!
Hopefully see you there, would be sweet to know someone before i get there lol
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I know yeah :biggrin: that'd be cool :smile:
fingers crossed for you!
Whereabouts are you from, you moving far to go there?
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aha, nah i live just outside Swindon so not far at all really,
what about you?
Near Birmingham so, it's a good 2 and a half hours.
my dad's doing MA songwriting there at the moment and he has to travel down every week, i wouldn't fancy doing that lmao.
It'll be weird moving that far from home and stuff but i'm dead excited :smile:
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Nah that would be an effort tbh
i found out today...:frown:
JOKES i got in...woop woop!
Did u get your ucas thing today?
yeah i cant accept it though 'cause it's being a fail. :biggrin:
yayyy i'll know someone there!
well done :biggrin: good times.
you got facebook or any other of that stuff to save coming on here?
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aha excellent, ive already accepted
ye hit up Luke De-Sciscio!!
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All your stuff sounds really pro. I dont know how I got in now, considering! Nice work.
anybody thinking of dropping out?

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