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Rahs/Sloaneys/Toffs at Brum

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Which accom do you live in, out of interest?

Tennis court

To anyone how plans to pick that next year, make sure you ask for a flat which is not near the main car park.If your window is open you can always hear people shouting and singing when they get out of their taxis at 4AM.It's fine when it's cold, and you have it shut.But when it's hot in May and you need a good night's sleep for an exam the next day it's not good news.
University of Birmingham
University of Birmingham
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I thought that phrase had long since disappeared! :eek:

I really don't see naything wring with the phrase 'new money' it is a way of explaining the types of 'rahs' we have at Birmingham. They aren't from the aristrocracy with lots of land. Sorry if that offends you but I am at a loss as to why it would. I fit into neither catergory-just an observer
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So what would everyone say is the nicest/best accom. at birmingham? I was thinking of going for mason or for shackleton? Im still not sure. What would you guys suggest?

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Just wondering if there are many tanned, jack wills/abercrombie & fitch wearing rugby playing, mini cooper driving, daddy buys me everything etc. types at Birmingham uni?

there are about as many of them as in other parts of englan, and don't we all wish that we had mini coopers and no financial woes?

unfounded prejudice ftw.