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You know, I used to have this wonderful image of public schoolboys (based mostly on one Merchant Taylor's boy who I was hopelessly in love with and would still marry tomorrow if he asked :wink:) but things like this have sort of shattered it.

hmm, i think i've modified mine to be a tad more school dependent.
rather than merely 'generic public school boy' = :love:

& i've met some fabulous examples of 'plenty of money - no class' since being at uni.

note to any budding public school boy casanovas - telling someone you went to X & asking what school they went to does not constitute a particularly smooth opening line in a club. even if you think someone evidently looks appropriately 'connected' & un-pleb like.. :rolleyes: that said - mr bullingdon-club did procede to make for an even more amusing annecdote.. :p:
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Have to say, both the Eton boys I know are adorable. But in an entirely non-fanciable way.

Have definitely realised now that good school does not necessarily = good man :wink:
I once met the most adorable Eton boy- he was so shy and sweet- bless him

Yeah I gotta agree this all DOES sound a bit like prostitution- shocking stuff...