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liquid - hanley

whats the club liquid like in hanley??
does it play dance music and is it fairly cheap?
thought it would be best to ask staffs students because im sure you would know better and i cant be arsed to trek there if its gonna be rubbish.

and damn you staffs students who complained and now i cant get into luv2luv in stafford on a tuesday with my friends.
(even though i have a durham and newcastle upon tyne student cards).
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Well Monday nights in Hanel everywhere is £1 drinks except Liquid after a certain time. Costs like £3 for entry for students (with the uni student card). It has 3 levels. Bottom one is full of R&B usually. Middle one is just normal stuff. Top one is smaller than other 2 levels but is mainly rock, emo type music.

We only tend to go there after 12 because by that time we are plastered and don't need to spend £2.50 on a drink.
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Last time I wentto Liquid in Hanley I swear I paid about £4.50 for a bottle!
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Yep, Liquid is very expensive for drinks after midnight. I paid £6 for a single vodka and orange at about 2am. Only go to Liquid when you are smashed.

Entry before 11pm is £1 with a student card. 11pm-12am is £2.40 and after 12am it's about £4.

Three clubs. JJ's downstairs, general music on the middle floor and a kinda sit down, chill out area upstairs. JJ's has two bars, middle has three and top has one.

Don't forget your ID, Liquid are strict on that.
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I don't know how they can get away with £6 for a single vodka and orange, tbh. Your right though; just go to Spoons beforehand.
Wow, there's some disinformation out there...£3 to get in....£4.50 a bottle...£6 a vodka and pepsi....

OK so as of April 2009, here are (student id) entry prices and drink prices:
10-11pm - FREE entry
11-11.30pm - £2
11.30-12 - £3
after 12 - £4

drinks are almost all £1 b4 11 (the rest are £2), double vodka kick is £2 all night, selected drinks are £2 all night and most drinks are between £2 and £2.50.

So yes, after 11pm we are more expensive than most other places, but not to the extent that people have been saying! As for the people who said they have been charged £4.50/£6 for a drink, then let us know who served you (they all now have name badges) and we'll see if they are leaving here in a Porsche....