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Honours Classification For Stirling

My programme is a four-year Honours in Accounting and Maths, but I have no idea how the various classifications (First, 2:1, 2:2, Third etc.) are calculated.

Could anyone give me some pointers?

Cheers :smile:
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Varies from University to University and course to course- some will all be on final year, some will be a 50/50 split of 3rd and 4th, some will be 20/80 and so on. Its not common for anything in first or second year to count towards your degree. At Glasgow, a first is 18/22 or above, with a 2:1 being 15/22 and a 2:2 12/22. If you get less than 9/22 in your final year they are likely to fail you for 4th year, meaning you will be given a general (non-honours) degree. This equates to about 84/70/57% respectively, which is an average across the weighted modules. Strathclyde and Caledonian are a more straightforward 50/60/70%, but I've no idea how Stirling works I'm afraid.
Graduate, University of Stirling
University of Stirling
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To add to the previous post, it's also fair to say that universities have a lot of discretion in what they award: it's not a simple calculation, and they can weight things differently, take other evidence on board and so forth.
I'm at stirling university at the moment. I know that they definitely don't use any of the marks from first year, it's purely passes you need that year. I'm doing a combined degree and I'm pretty sure it's the third and fourth years that count towards grading of the degree itself. Not entirely sure how it's actually calculated though.
Hey i'm in third year at stirling uni. your marks from 1st and 2nd year do not count towards your degree classification, though you need a 2f or better in all your modules in your fourth semester (2nd semester in year 2) to be able to do your honours. your marks from 3rd and 4th year and your dissertation go towards your final degree. 1A-1C is first class degree, 2A-2C is 2:1 and 2D-2F is is 2:2 and 3A-3C is third class. Hope this helps x
Any idea how this works out percentage wise? :smile:
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Okay, so:

40-49% = 3rd
50-59% = 2.2
60-69% = 2.1
70+ = 1st.

As someone above said, the first two years don't count towards your grade, so you just have to pass your modules.

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