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Roehampton University is it any good?

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I'm doing a second degree at Roehampton as a mature student. Compared to my first uni (Essex) some students do seem quite dim, but I it depends on what course you are doing. It is a young university, in terms of student population and years it has existed.

At Roehampton I met four tutors one to one in my first year; at Essex I met two during the three years I was there. The course is what you make it. Is it better to get a third from Oxbridge or a first from Roehampton? Also, getting a decent job often depends on who you know, not what you know. Luck plays a significant role too.
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Hi, I am going to Roehampton for an MA in children's literature. Can somebody tell me if it is worthwhile?
Original post by Company Commissar
I went there and dropped out after yr 1, it was the worst experience of my life. The course was soooo disorganised and the lecturers....they were the most useless people on the face of earth. They lecturers didn't give a f about the students at all for some reason.

Seriously go to another uni, dont waste ur money on that foul place

Which course did you do?
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Original post by pulpkitchen
I'm in my first year at Roehampton at the moment, so I'll list the good and bad points, from my point of view:-

* The lecturers are great, and pros in their field
* The campus is beauuuutiful (especially Frobel)
* The social life is great, and it's quite easy to make friends, as it is quite a small campus, so you get to know people quick enough
*There are loads of societies, film, dance, sports, etc.

* It's quite a long walk/bus ride into town to get a weekly shop, and the shops on campus are very expensive
* The area isn't very central London, and quite leafy and suburban
* The accomodation is a bit rubbish, and quite expensive

If you have any more questions, just ask :smile:

I am about to accept the offer from Roehampton for the psychology course ? What do you think ?
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Original post by militsiv
I am about to accept the offer from Roehampton for the psychology course ? What do you think ?

I'm about to accept my offer for the psychology course there too but after reading all this I don't know what to do!
Original post by AmyHunt
I'm about to accept my offer for the psychology course there too but after reading all this I don't know what to do!

What are your worries?
Please make note that the original post was from 2009! Roehampton as a whole has changed massively in 5 years!
Original post by AlexaB92
Please make note that the original post was from 2009! Roehampton as a whole has changed massively in 5 years!

Are you studying there now? How has been your experience so far? I'm thinking about applying for a PhD degree there, in English, or to spend a semester.
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So I'm getting my PsychD in Counselling Psychology now. I must say I am shocked at all the negative publicity Roehampton is getting since the people commenting haven't for the most part gone to the school and are basing opinions only off of University tables. What contributes to the lower ranking for Roehampton is the fact that it is such a young school, but if you look specifically at Psychology, Roehampton has jumped up more than 10 places since last year.

My experience has been great so far. It is accredited, as is my programme by the BPS and HCPC and the admissions standards are getting more strict every year. The lecturers are dedicated and intelligent, and the after talking to alumni before going to the school, they were able to get jobs easily. The course is rigorous and stimulating.

The school isn't all perfect though, they do expect you to do a lot of the legwork on your own. In order to get a training placement, they expect you to send all the emails and make all connections while other Unis will do this for you.
I study psychology at roehampton and i'm in my third year.

Good points:
- The university has a really nice campus, its the only london campus.
- There are some local shops around and a canteen on each campus to get food.
- You will meet some really nice people on your course
- Lots of independent work and around 2-3 assignments that requires you to work in a group so your in control of your degree and how well you do. If you put in a lot of effort you will get really good grades
- Some of the modules are really interesting
- I found the exams to be really easy, a lot easier than other uni's as I've spoke to someone at Kent university about their assessments

Bad points:
- Some of the lecturers are not very good, can be very monotone and boring especially because all the lectures are 2 hours long
- Some of them wont respond to your emails and can be reluctant to help but others can be amazing and extremely helpful
- Lots of lecturers read off the slides so sometimes theres no point in attending
- There are no seminars so its very independent
- The course itself isnt very interacting, there are just lectures so its a good idea to make friends so you can discuss the course and help each other our when you get stuck on things like referencing and academic writing.

Hope that helps, but if you have any questions i'm sure I can help you
I am currently studying BSc Biomedical Sciences at Roehampton, and approaching the end of my first year.

I would definitely recommend Roehampton to prospective students. Although Roehampton has been educating people for nearly 200 years, it has officially been a university for just over a decade. This is why some people have not heard of the university and assume that it is "bad". Roehampton is ranked the best modern university in London according to all three major UK league tables - the Complete University Guide 2016, the Sunday Times Good University Guide 2016 and the Guardian University Guide 2016. In just one year (2015-2016) Roehampton overtook 27 universities according to the Complete University Guide 2016. The university is often compared with the nearby Kingston University. In the Complete University Guide 2016 Roehampton was ranked 38 places above Kingston!

So far, the experience has been great! The majority of my peers feel the same way. I have noticed that the people who dislike the course tend to put little or no effort into it, and then begin to complain after receiving poor results (they expect to be spoon-fed). My friends doing the same course at St. George's University London and the University of Kent, are having to put a lot more work in than I am, so I am very grateful. From speaking with 2nd and 3rd year students, I have learnt that the course improves each year, because the lecturers take into account feedback from students and their results.

The university is currently spending several millions of pounds on improving the facilities and services available to students. This includes 30 million pounds for a brand new library and student accommodation, which are currently under construction. In the short space of time that I have been here, I have already seen many positive changes take place. The lecturers are most definitely experts in their specific fields and as with all universities, some lectures teach better than others. It is very easy to make appointments with lecturers and academic learning advisors, who are very supportive.

Although the university is near some council estates, the grounds of the university itself are very nice (some of the best in London). There are several beautiful buildings like Parkstead House at Whitelands College, which looks over Richmond Park. Froebel college has its own lake with koi and swans and pretty water fountains. The laboratories are modern and are well-equipped.

The Biomedical Sciences course at Roehampton is accredited by the Institute of Biomedical Science (IBMS), so you do not have to worry about whether you are being taught the appropriate content for this course.

I have 5 x 2 hour lectures per week as well as a weekly laboratory session. There are also additional labs such as physiology labs, which take place less often. Some lectures are boring and many involve the lecturer reading directly from presentation slides. At the end of the day, they write the exams and so are including relevant information. From using the lecture content alone, I have been able to get a 1st (above 70%) in every assessment so far.

These are the modules which are studied in the first year of Biomedical Sciences:

Biometrics: Physiology, Statistics and Maths - (covers physiology, statistics and mathematics).

Biomolecular Science: Practical Methods - (covers laboratory techniques and procedures).

Cell Biology

Chemistry of Life

Human Disease

Human Nutrition

I have tried to provide an honest review and would strongly recommend that you attend an open day. Good luck wherever you choose to go.